Data visualizations

A selection of data visualizations I've created or on which I collaborated.

Interactive: CEO Pay 2012 - Click on the link, "Compare CEO pay and shareholder return." (June 2013)

Interactive: The Great Recession's toll: Tallying the impact in the Northwest (2011)

Interactive: Is your bank getting stronger or weaker? (2011)

Treemap on bank deposit market share (2011)

Interactive: Which industry had the most worker injury claims? (2010). Read the related story.

Interactive: Large servicers slow to modify loans in federal program (2010). Read the related story.

Data lookup: Seattle Public Schools by the numbers (2006). Read the related story.

Infographic: A new way of judging how well schools are doing (2005). Read the related story.

Hyperlinked charts: The changing face of Seattle schools (2004). Read the related story.

Infographic on medical malpractice: What's really going on? (2003)

Here you can see the latest multimedia feature from my video production company, Hot Chai Media.